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overlay shadows

overlay shadows

It would be good if you could overlay a proposed shadow on top of an existing shadow on revit in plan view and 3D.

At the moment i have to export the 2 shadow diagrams and then overlay them in photoshop before putting them back into revit.

Archicad has an option which allows for shadows to be overlayed with in the program. 


We have to do something similar on every project submitted to local government for developmental/siting assessment.

The existing and proposed shadows must display differently, so either different colour or texture, for existing and proposed/additional shadows cast.


We have experimented with saving shadows as image and export to DWG, overlay in Illustrator or Photoshop and import back to Revit, but the quality less than perfect and has to be redone if the building changes at all.

We resorted to setting a view of the existing buildings, tracing the shadows with filled regions (with transparency and colour), then switch phase to proposed and the new shadows overlay the existing (usually takes a few hours to do, but quality is great).


If Revit was able to do it, it should be a relatively straight forward concept to implement, and would save us hours and hours on every project, simply by switching a few sun settings.


We are required to show existing shadows unchanged, shadows reduced by the proposed development, and shadows increased by the proposed development.

I would like to be able to overlay existing and proposed work on the one view; to define the colour of the shadows produced by the existing/demolished/new work. Please implement this. I'd be happy to discuss this with you if it would help. Thanking you.






There is a new plug-in on the app store that allows you to assign colours for shadows in Revit

and generate images for shadow studies.

Search for - 'Shadow Colour' by AgileForm Inc



Unfortunately it's not yet available for Revit 2023.


Shadow Colour for Revit is available for Revit 2020-2022 versions. It will be available for Revit 2023 very soon  

AgileForm team


The Shadow Colour add-in is now available for Revit 2023. you can find it on the app store or download the latest version directly from AgileForm website.

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