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Organise Family Parameters Easier

Organise Family Parameters Easier

Moving a parameter from the bottom of the list to the top using the 'Move Up' arrow takes a lot of mouse clicking.
Trying a Drag and Drop system maybe?

On top of the Alphabetical and Move function.


You can use the shortcuts Alt + U to move a parameter up and Alt + W to move it down.  (only the left Alt)

But you cannot change the group with these shortcuts.


This function allows you to move the parameter by 1 position. If you have a parameter list within one group of maybe 20 lines and you want to re-order them in a specific way. Using a system like Drag and Drop is much easier then clicking for 3 minutes.


@J.Dirkse: These shortcuts are not very handy to me. Not even for a left-handed person. We should use HOME, END, PAGE UP, PAGE DOWN keys instead. E.g. To move a parameter to the start of the list press HOME, to move a parameter to the end of the list press END, to move a parameter 3 positions up press PAGE UP, to move a parameter 3 positions down press PAGE DOWN. I find this solution to be more handy and easier to use.



I strongly agree and always wanted to drag and drop parameters up and down.


in addition, renaming parameternames without opening the edit menu.


Not just family parameters. Other places too, like when creating schedules and sorting fields for example. To sum it up:

Everything that can (and has to) be reordered in Revit should have drag&drop AND sort alphabetical function.


Hi @JReynders , @Meelis123 ,


We are currently working on a property palette replacement that allows you exactly this, including a search function (it's easier to type in a few letters than scrolling up and down). You can also toggle between a flat list and categorized list (we are working on custom / multiple groups, too, which makes it very flexible). If you are interested in participating as an early adaptor just let me know.




Can't believe this has so few likes.  Parameter management is remarkably poor in the family editor.  I always try to arrange and order parameters to make it easy for people to use the family in the project.  And this means moving a ton of things around, one mouse click at a time.   And if someone clicks the button to sort alphanumerically, you'll have to spend another two hours clicking the up and down arrows.  


I'd like to see:

  1. Duplication of a parameter places the new one below the old one
  2. Allow multi-selection to move parameters
  3. Allow click and drag to reorder parameters
  4. Allow locking of parameter order via checkbox
  5. If you've moved parameters around, hitting ESC while editing should have a pop-up 'Do you want to save changes to parameters?
  6. It's a pipe dream, but would love to be able to create parameter groups with different color sections.  



@DRB_SA_BimManager 97 votes is planny, actually. But even then, I think we're all just so happy to finally have the arrows...


It WOULD be great to be able to add custom parameter groups (and be able to determine the placement of those groups, at least - not sure about OOTB ones...) - maybe as sub-groups to the OOTB groups? As a workaround, for one family I made "header/separator" parameters that had a bunch of hyphens and the text in the name & text contents (set from a formula).

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