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Open without links option

Open without links option

Many times when troubleshooting the file it would help to ignore the linked files. a checkbox on open or in the options drop-down upon opening to open with links unloaded would be a terrific option!




Adam Hamilton




As for me, it would be great for on/off option for Link loading while opening Host model, as sometimes it unnecessary to load all links and it took much time, for example when upgrading model all nested links will be upgraded for this session as well, what is time-consuming. attached screenshot for the assumption

Image 456.jpg

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I came here to add this idea. Glad I searched first. This idea is great for troubleshooting models and upgrading.

Yes, please!  Sometimes you don't want all the linked revit models and CAD links.


Also, it is stupid that CAD links automatically reload every time someone opens a revit model.  This should be an option or just turned off (make users manually refresh that link).  Don't slow down opening by doing that. 


Also that silly warning when there's nothing in paper space!  Link in a CAD with only stuff and model space and you'll get a warning EVERY time you open the model forevermore saying essentially:  "Hey are you sure you want to link this CAD file in?".  Yes we are sure, we did it on purpose.  Who links paperspace elements in!





There are already about 5 or 6 other Ideas posted about this

Type in "Open Links" in the Search this Ideas Board box on the right & you'll find several


If you load references in a certain workset like, 'rvt links' for instance and you use BIM360. you can load specific worksets. So just dont load the 'rvt links' workset then.

If you want to be more specific about which links to load and which not.. create more worksets.


As an estimator/consultant, I spend a lot of time waiting for Revit to realize that the links it is looking for are not there, or loading ones that are not needed in order for me to upload the model into Assemble.  Really would like a way to disable links in the Open... dialog, like detaching from central.


Brilliant idea. For now, on saving your central file the first time, use the option Open workset default to 'Specify ...', you get to choose which worksets are to be loaded before the actual opening procedure. Of course everyone involved needs to discipline themselves to put links into separate worksets for this to work.


Could not agree more - especially if there may be issues with links that prevent the model from opening!


Matej Dlabal



northing has changed


As Joost above wrote - if you load references into there own worksets, you CAN choose when you open a project. I just did and it saved me from a crashed xxx.ifc.RVT file that had become about 8-10 times the size of the other ifc-Revit-files. 
Anyway, when opening a project, click the down-arrow next to "Open" and choose "Specify". Then when it starts to load it lets you choose to close the troublesome workset(s).

Revit develop team has posted a related design proposal at Revit preview release forum with this Link, your insights or suggestions are much appreciated.


I wanted to do a simple task like copying a previous detail we have done on a past project. 


There are many linked Revit files, and some were quite big since it's from an industrial project. 


This is so time consuming since we also changed Revit version and so Revit needs to upgrade every linked file. 

I would like to just skip that operation like with Detach With Central but that would be Detach Links. 




One could move/copy a file to another folder temporarily just to open the file with "lost" links - if links are local. Instead, switch off network connection (stupidly pull the cord off) for a while - if links are in network. Crooked crutches, but what we can do if THEY don't care... Using worksets often is overhead.


I am just clicking cancel once the link starts loading and it somehow unload the links itself.


@MichaelWolff I have to revert my earlier post: I just loaded a project file carefully unloading/closing all worksets. Still Revit (btw, R22.1) came up with info on a linked cad file that contained geometry it considered wrong. Sorry.

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