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NWC Export with User Defined Property Sets

NWC Export with User Defined Property Sets

NWC Export from Revit is fast and accurate. It generates small files with nice geometry with textures. This is brilliant for use in NavisWorks.
However.. to utilize BIM you have to have control over the information in the Model. When exporting to IFC you get triangulated geometry, no textures, BUT control over the information. The user can specify User Defined Property Sets, wich is an important feature.


I would really like to combine the best from nwc and IFC export -> NWC Export with User Defined Property Sets.


Do you have solve for that? 

It's REALLY very necessary to collaborate nice NWC geometry and COOL tools IFC "User Defined Property Sets@"

@magne.ganz  so, I really need fo that !

I'm in the same seat, I need the possibility to get the properties I want under one tab in the navis-file.

Add that to the nwc-exporter. I can't understand why it's not there already when you can do it in the ifc-export.


Hey, @magne.ganz @thomasarnoldsson5732 


Some solution for User Property in Navis:


In Revit create a User Parameter. 

And when you give name for your parameters, just add " (TAB_NAME_IN_NAVIS) "

and you got new user tab.


Example: Tag-Name (MY_PARAMETERS)


Снимок экрана 2020-11-11 161659.jpg


in Revit:


Снимок экрана 2020-11-11 161917.jpg


Wow. Seriously. How did you find this workflow? Where is this documented?
I mean, I have googled this alot...

I have done that as well for new parameters, discovered it by accident...

But to get the existing parameters to the same tab as my new parameters is not that easy, but we are building an add-in for that now


I'm discovered it by accident too ))))

add-in in C#? 
Or Dynamo?

Can you share result of work with add-in when done it?))


@thomasarnoldsson5732 : How is the add-in progress?

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