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Nested void family not cutting nested host family in when parent family is loaded

Nested void family not cutting nested host family in when parent family is loaded

I'm having trouble with nested void family not cutting a nested host family in a parent family when that family is loaded into either another family or project.


I have a Generic Model Family (c) - (used to create hardware that will be attaching a concrete panel to a steel frame)

Within that hardware Generic Model Family (c) there are:


  • a Face Based Generic Model Family (a) that consists of a void that is used to cut hole(s)
  • and a Generic Model Family (b) that is a piece of steel plate or angle etc.

Within Generic Model (c) I cut a hole through (b) with (c). - I use this approach so that I can make a Hardware drawing of C and use a schedule to list the counts and parameters of Steel and the Holes in a Bill of Materials.

Everything looks fine within Family (c), however, when I load (c) into either another Family (d) or a Project, the void no longer cuts the hole. - It is there, if the cursor hovers over the Hardware I can see the hole is there, it just doesn't cut... 😞


(Note, if the void family (a) is cutting a simple solid extrusion the cut persists, but not what I am looking to do.)







This seems like a bug to me, I can't think why Revit would want to behave this way.





They would behave normally if the Void family and the 1st level Solid family is NOT shared.  But that would affect quantity take-off for those sub-components in the project.




Thanks for the reply. - It is definitely the Shared parameter that is affecting the cut. - I did a little experiment and isolated the issue to setting the family that is to be cut to be Not Shared. It doesn't seem to matter what hole family is set to.






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