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Nested void family cutting other family (or multiple elements) in family

Nested void family cutting other family (or multiple elements) in family

A face based family (1) with a void can cut one element it is placed on in the host family (2) and then loaded into the project.
((1) placed into (2) on face of element and placed into project.

This works.

We need a void through multiple elements. So instead of 'one element' we swap this with 'one family'(3) to be able to use the face based family.
((1 placed into family (2) on face of nested family (3) and placed into project.

This doesn't work.
It works fine in family(2), family (3) is cut as desired but as soon it is loaded into the project, the voids don't cut anymore.

It is essential to making type steered multi-layered panels with adjustable voids.
Alternative: make non-face based void families cut (multiple) elements in the host family (that also still cut when loaded into the project).


Yes - I need the same.


A face-based family (1) that contains a void. - (Hole)


is nested into a generic model family (2) to cut a hole(s). - I need to be able to count holes in a BOM schedule, hence the nested family. - The hole cut and shows just fine at this level.


However, when I load that family (2) into either another family or project (3) - The hole(s) disappears. - When cursor is hovered over family (2) in project/family (3) I can see the hole is there, it is just not cut.


This seems like a bug - I can't imagine why this would be intended behavior




I am not seeing what you described here (Revit 2022).


- a face based family with void, shared - (a)




- a generic family with a solid, shared - (b)

- nest (a) in (b) and a hole is cut




- a generic family (c)

- nest (b) in (c), multiple instances. and they are still cut the same











Thanks for the reply!

I confirm what you see in Revit 2021...

However, I missed a critical bit of information in my explanation of what I was looking for:

The element that needs to be cut in family (b) is another nested family (a.1) not a solid.







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