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Nested non-shared families should be cuttable if category allows

Nested non-shared families should be cuttable if category allows

Hi there!


I have an overhead sectional door family in my project.  The overhead door has a track that curves backward along the ceiling.  The track is visible in both my floor plan and ceiling plan, but I'd like to only show the track in my ceiling plan.  The track is a nested Generic Model family inside the outer Door family.


Currently Revit requires the nested family to be set as "shared" in order to be cuttable, even though both the nested inner family and the outer family have cuttable categories.


Autodesk Knowledge Base article on this behavior 

A BIM manager's blog post on this behavior


A shared nested family's type parameters can't be constrained by (inherited from) outer host families.  My solution to my overhead track problem is to convert it to a shared family with instance parameters for its sizing (so that the instance parameters can still be constrained by the outer family).


This works I guess?  But I shouldn't need to rebuild the way that the family parameters cascade down through the nested layers.  Nested non-shared families should simply be cuttable if they're in a cuttable category.

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