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Nested Families in Assemblies (Visibility & Scheduling)

Nested Families in Assemblies (Visibility & Scheduling)

Nested Families in Assemblies.

This would be a great addition to the toolset in Revit especially with the amount of detail that is required in the projects nowadays.


Restrictions & Description.

I have families that are built up of nested families (all with the Shared Option ticked). When I place them in a project, I am able to schedule them with no problem at all. All good so far.

I then place create logical assemblies to ease the creation of drawings for fabrication.

Firstly, the families with nested families are not even visible in the created view but the scheduling lists the top-level Family, secondly using the same process but without the share in the nested families and I am able to produce views and drawings but the schedules are of only the top-level Families (as one would expect).

I am at a loss as to why this functionality is not supported.


On investigation I have found that this has been a knows restriction from 2013 – isn’t it about time this was sorted out?


Maybe I don't quite get it, but I think what you want is an Assembly of a Family, including all nested Families? This is how we create such Assemblies. First, isolate the Family in 3D. Then create the Assembly by picking one of the parts of the Family. Then use Add to add all other nested Families and elements you would like to put into the Assembly.


Dear Simon.

Thank you for the assistance on this I was unaware of this workflow.- the above works for me in this instance as I only have a few nested families in this case.

A appreciate that this is probably the only supported workflow, but I am sure you will agree it is a little long-winded.


It should be easier a case of selecting what you need and then using the filters in the schedule to remove the top-level assembly (Assembly of convenience if you like) as you require.


Also when testing the method above I found it impossible to edit any of the parameters in the automatically created schedules, This also seems odd and a significant omission knowing Revit's holistic approach to updating geometry.


Thanks again but I still feel that the addition of the above functionality would be a big PLUS.








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