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'Multiple-selection from multiple views/windows' checkbox without Ctrl key

'Multiple-selection from multiple views/windows' checkbox without Ctrl key

Short picture: I have a multi-storey column with full reinforcement detailing. I have a full column elevation and several transverse sections with full reinforcement sets dimensioning and full rebar shape detailing for this column. For the ease of use, i want to copy this column, its reinforcement and its' full rebar detailing to another revit project file.

I have to select all items in the elevation and all items in the transverse sections while holding down Ctrl key and switch from view to view until i select everything. Then Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V in the other revit file.

The result is fabulous: everything is copied !!! : rebars, dimensions, rebar shape details, elevation, section, view/sections symbols and labels. Except for for the poor Ctrl key screaming under my finger. For the slightest distraction, your multiple Ctrl selection will be ruined and you have to start it all over again.

Please make a checkbox like 'Multiple-selection in multiple-views' , so i can spare my Ctrl key from certain death.

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