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Multilingual Revit interface, commands, categories...

Multilingual Revit interface, commands, categories...

On multilingual projects it would be very helpful to have translations of the Revit Interface and Commands of the available languages.

Living in a multilingual country (Belgium) myself, I have meetings with native Flemish (like Dutch) and French speaking people on daily basis. Since there is no Dutch Revit, the first choice for Flemish speaking people is English, while the French speaking part of the country uses the French version, off course.

OK, a Wall is un Mur, but there are many less evident translated Revit terms, like a Keynote is une Note d'Indentification. The same issue evidently exist for the (sub) categories.

For all kinds of reasons it is impossible to impose one Revit language for all modelers of all parties on BIM projects.


It would be very helpful if Autodesk would share translations for ALL interface languages of Revit, because today's multilingual BIM practice can be quite confusing. Especially when parties have their models made in other countries which often introduces additional languages. This does complicate the BIM process and model coordination.


There could be Excel files made available, or a website, but wouldn't it be really useful if you could (temporarily) show a dual lingual Interface, Commands, Categories etc. in Revit itself?


Thanks to Autodesk support employee Grzegorz Ciępka for the attachments. 😉


When Revit was made by the Revit Technology Corporation, there was a Dutch version. But after being acquired by Autodesk, the Dutch version was dumped for some odd reason....

Hi Simon,
I know!
When I was working at a Rotterdam architects office in the ‘90s and ‘00s (booming period for Dutch architecture), this guy came to present this new 3D “drafting” software.
At the time, we were struggling in 3D Studio with potato shapes and all kinds of other complicated geometry. The man tried to model one project for a short while, but it wasn’t achievable. At all. So, we decided to stick to our cumbersome workflows: 3D Studio, sections in there and tracing them in AutoCAD 14 and later versions.

It was in Dutch then. Although Autodesk products are every popular in the miniature Dutch speaking world, they never bothered to issue Dutch applications. The construction Clou does support Dutch, so you never know.
But that would only add to the issue I am addressing in my Revit Idea. 😉

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