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Mullions with different offsets / break

Mullions with different offsets / break

When mullions have different offsets so that one grid goes behind other grid (see attached image), it would be great if no mullion breaks (all continuous).

Thank you in advance.

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Glad this idea already exists. Sad it doesn't have more support.


While mullions obviously wouldn't be continuous in both directions in the real world, this would probably be the best way to graphically join horizontal and vertical mullions when they aren't perfect rectangles.








Same curtain wall from both sides - top is vertical join, bottom is horizontal join. Both are obviously incorrect, since the non-continuous mullion only goes to the extent of continuous mullion, leaving various gaps in both options. There are several workarounds, but all are time consuming. The easiest workflow would be to have an option for all mullions to extend to the curtain wall grids ("continuous") , rather than extending to the perpendicular mullions, as this is not always a level surface to attach to, as seen above.

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