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Modify floor layers

Modify floor layers

The same way you can modify wall layers to unlock their constraints, the same would be helpful for floor layers. 


Similar to editing wall assembly layers, the ability to edit Floor and Roof assemblies' layers would extend the ability to customize the shape of a floor and roof. Since these are horizontal components and therefore have four sides exposed to potential extension or contraction (lengthening or shrinking) relative to the shape of the whole floor assembly, there could be separate options for unlocking and locking the X and Y planes. The X plane would be parallel to the Span Direction line and the Y plane perpendicular to it. Separate Section views within this menu could be shown, labeled "Section (X plane): Modify type" and the same for the Y plane.


Edits would happen in this menu, just like they do with Wall Assemblies.Edits would happen in this menu, just like they do with Wall Assemblies.


I would like to be able to Modify the layers of a floor to unlock them just like unlocking the layers of a wall.  This will allow me to push/pull the horizontal layers of a wall for detailing purposes.


see similar idea which discuss a solution for drag a drop of layers for walls, roof and ceilings so far from what I can see a replies.


Perhaps floors could be added to this too


Drag and drop Wall Layers in Wall Joins - Autodesk Community


If you feel same ask @kimberly.fuhrman to combine


Just for interest setting floor and wall layer you are able to do something like this. Specify your required layers in Floor and Wall make ups as required then join the 2 system family for the illustrated below outcome. 

Wall Floor Join.PNG


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