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Modify DWG Export Setup - More simple and easy

Modify DWG Export Setup - More simple and easy

More simple and easy to modify DWG/DXF layer,Lines, Patterns, Text & Fonts, Colors, Solids, Units & Coordinates & General. Especially when custom Layers, need takes time for setting manual...some category still freeze, is difficult to make same standard in some place. Now without layers standard.txt inside, last options use previous Layers standard txt. 


Reason is...More easy to drafter check drawings based on layers, because they still need CAD files. Even if we make the models, should be without worries when export to CAD. That can be benefit for use Revit.



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also we use wall fire rating property to export different wall types to different layers

colors in cad not match the desired colors stated in Revit 


Seems, this one also... thanks @Anonymous for additional info.

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u r welcome,
i hope this idea get the required votes to be fixed

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