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[Modern Schedules] Add ability to freeze schedule rows and columns

[Modern Schedules] Add ability to freeze schedule rows and columns

Most modern spreadsheet applications have the ability to free rows and columns to make them viewable all the time regardless of scrolling. This is extremely useful when dealing with large tables. Please add the ability to freeze rows and columns in schedules.


As an aside, I think that we should bundle some of the topics to make them more easily discoverable by new forum members and to make it more obvious where to post certain ideas. Some people are more interested in certain topics than others. Currently it's pretty hard to find what other ideas related to my idea might already exist.





This idea has come across a few times in years past. (Freezing schedule rows and columns sizes - Autodesk Community)


Currently a user can freeze a Column but not a row. The user must do a work around that is unnecessary and works counter to time management. If a user can freeze a column, then they should be able to freeze a row.


Please add the ability to Freeze Rows.

If you agree, please vote. We cannot get a change approved unless we get 250 votes! 

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You mean you want to exclude elements from a schedule?

I thought you meant freeze the row height!


Rows and Columns are two completely different things.

Rows report on actual data in the model. Why would you want to exclude just one (?) Row?

Sounds like you need to Filter your Rows.



You really need 250 votes in order to get implemented? I doubt enough people who actually want product improvements even come here to see revit ideas. I can tell you im probably 1 of 3 people in my company of almost 200 that ever come here.


FWIW, heres a vote. Filters to remove rows are time consuming.


Since I am working on the Revit schedule right now and filling the values for the parameters of the equipment. In the attached snap, when I scroll from left to right; I want to see the first column A freeze so that I can properly fill the values as per the equipment tag while scrolling from left to right.  Since there are a lot of columns, I have to check every time whether I am putting the values to the correct equipment by scrolling again & again which is quite time taking.


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