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Model Text Width Factor

Model Text Width Factor

Please allow control of the width factor in model text similar to how it is controlled in annotative text. The reason for this is model text is often used for signage which doesn't always follow a font's specific character spacing. 


Thank you.


In addition to Width Factor, which affects the overall width of the letters and the spaces between them, let's  add

  • Tracking, which controls the overall spacing between letters and words without affecting the width of individual letters
  • Kerning, which controls the spacing between any two letters.

I find that I usually need to create a separate piece of model text for each letter to be able to control spacing adequately, grouping them afterwards.



It would be helpful if model text would also be visible at very thin dimensions (1/16" or 0) - I'd like to use it for signage that's available in all views.  Decals don't work because they take too much time to create/place, and also can't be visible in hidden line mode.


@bill_gilliss These more specific settings would be great additions.


I think it might be prudent to keep more advanced settings such as these under a 'Fonts' manager separate from the text type properties, similar to line styles and patterns, as these shouldn't be readily adjusted.


In addition, please allow vertical alignment of Model Text same as text annotation.


I agree with all of these!

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