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It is currently not possible to easily re-name model-in-place components, or find out what the MIP component is named by selecting the object.  The only way to see the name of the elements is to navigate to the project browser, then to the category it has been modeled under and go through a process of elimination (right-clicking on the name in the browser and using the "select all instances" option).  


It would be ideal if model-in-place components were treated just like families are, with the ability to easily rename them through the Edit Type menu.  Model-in-place components play in important role in designing custom one-off elements, as well as in early stages of projects, when creating families is too time consuming.   With the added functionality of easily renaming, it would make using and organizing them in the project environment much more simple. 

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Renaming should definitely be easier for Model-In-Place components. Implementing it in the edit type properties would be ideal as you say.


You can currently navigate to the item in question by right clicking it and selecting "find in project browser". it is a little bit less manual.

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