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MEP Filters

MEP Filters

It would be great if you could to pin elements in a views using filters. The current pinning method pins it universally in the model so that nobody can move it no matter the model. On the MEP side as a plumbing engineer/ designer I like to have the mechanical ductwork on for coordination purposes. I use a filter to turn the ductwork on and off relatively quickly as well as to darken the duct color so that my stuff pops more. The same goes for mechanical heating/ cooling piping. The problem with having the duct work on is that I'm having to be careful not to grab or mess up the ductwork as I'm putting in my piping. If I could use the filter to also pin the ductwork only in my views that would be great because I could see the duct work to coordinate with and am not having to constantly deselect mechanical stuff I accidently grabbed and the mechanical guys can still draft and move their stuff like normal. You can see what I'm dealing with in the snip below.


What do other MEP designers and drafters think? Am I the only one having this problem?

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