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Material-Transparency in 2D Plans such as Groundplans as well as Patterns

Material-Transparency in 2D Plans such as Groundplans as well as Patterns

In Advance: Sorry for the sloppy english, as it's only my secondary language.

In order to make it somewhat translateable, i will be putting in the germany word in it in a bracket (-).


It would be awesome to have the transparency for any to also be applied onto 2D Plans and Sections such as Groundplans (Grundrisse), Patterns (Schnitte) and similar. While I dont have to worry to print out a small detail in my 3D-Model / 3D-View for this, it sadly doesn't apply to any other kind of view. The Glass doesnt let me see through, maybe an object for collisions is blocking everything inside it or i just like having it overlab into each other because it looks good (or just not bad enough already, depends).

I think it would be too much of a hassle to implement it, it could be hidden in the "graphic display options" (grafikdarstellungsoptionen) just beloc the main window in the "revittastkbar". It could be just there in the first windowlayer "modeldisplay" where i can also edit the overall transparency and such, a simple box to tick on/off is all it takes.

-> You want materialtransparency to be applied? Tick it on for a yes!

-> You don't want materialtransparency to be applied? Just leave it blank!


I also don't think that it would collide into existing projects by having it either automatically off or a prompt coming up and asking if it should be applied onto the existing und updates Project or not.


Who knows, maybe i am also just too lazy and dont want to operate with 6 seperate Filters on every single view or screw around with my already somewhat problematic "View Templates" (Ansichtsvorlagen).

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How about if the "Graphics" tab has transparency applied, then apply the transparency to the object accordingly~ Just like masses?

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