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Matchlines: Enable "Edit Type" & Other Functionality

Matchlines: Enable "Edit Type" & Other Functionality

Currently, my firm works on projects that incorporate many different linked Revit models, and inevitably each has their own style and positioning of matchlines. To mitigate the overlap that shows by default in every view, one must either A) Place the matchlines on a separate workset in the linked model and unload it (hoping other important content isn't on that same workset), B) Manually go into Visibility/Graphics for Revit Links and custom hide matchlines (or control through view templates), or C) Hide the matchlines "brute force" in each view.


It would be beneficial to allow the creation of different types of matchlines, at minimum, the same way Levels and Grids can have types. This could include lineweight, pattern, color, and possibly even other parameters. While you can add subcategories to matchlines in Object Styles, they currently don't serve any function. If matchlines could have types, presumably one could filter out ones they do not want to see in a view much easier. For instance hide ones where, "type" does not equal "MEP Matchline". Additionally this could make it easier for drawings that have different scales or where having multiple matchline styles might be beneficial. 


I have seen some similar forum posts from years past that touch on this topic, but I don't think it would be too difficult to add as a very useful feature to save time in filtering out extraneous clutter from linked models. 


Matchline Properties:


An example of multiple matchlines from linked models that require manual hiding:



Thank you for your consideration!


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