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Mask Elements in Callout, the year is 2023

Mask Elements in Callout, the year is 2023

I've tried searching for this in the ideas but haven't come across anything. If it exists already, please post so I can vote for it.


There should be an option for callouts that hides elements inside the callout in the parent view. In addition to a check mark for turning the masking on and off, there should be a button that opens a dialog that allows you to check which linked models you would like it to apply to. Sometimes you only want to mask elements in your model. Sometime, you want to mask elements in other disciplines. Most often than not you still want the architecture to be displayed.


The current workarounds for this are not good. 

Yes/No parameter in families and filters.

  • People often forget to check this.
  • People often check this incorrectly.
  • People will remove the filter from templates.
  • If the team splits the project up into disciplines (HVAC, Plum, Tech, Elec) then you will need additional rules in the filter if you do not wish to hide the linked elements. 
  • Requires multiple parameters if you need to control visibility with nested callouts. We have had issues with needing A) 1/16" plan, B) 1/8" scale plan, and C) 1/4" scale plan. The elements in B should not be visible in A. The elements in C should not be visible in B. This would require multiple Yes/No parameters to work and would exacerbate the other issues with this method.

Selection Filters

  • Requires people to select items to hide them.
  • People will forget to alter the selection when they add things to the area.
  • Requires the filter to be added to the view/view template. This could cause issues because most users will include filters as part of the template and may not want every selection filter related to callouts to be included as part of the template. Even if this would still work with view templates it would cause the filter tab to be filled with filters that didn’t actually do anything on large projects with multiple views per view template.
  • Requires people to name selection filters in a logical way.
  • Selection filter names may become outdated if room names change, the sheet the callout is on or something else changes that was used as a basis for naming the selection.

Hide Elements in View Override

  • People will forget they hid the elements.
  • Requires people to select the elements in the area to hide.
  • People will forget to hide elements added after the first round of overrides.
  • Something will change about the element that will cause it to become visible without warning.
  • Generally frowned upon to use this feature.


  • People will forget to add elements to the worksets.
  • People will forget which workset they are on and ask me why they can’t see the elements they are placing.
  • If the firm is already using worksets for visibility it will require multiple new workset for each set currently used.
  • Requires multiple worksets if there are nested callouts.




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