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Mark changes in door, window schedules - revisions of a schedules

Mark changes in door, window schedules - revisions of a schedules



we still need excel for our door-schedules.


We are missing options for revisions. Something like the options from word or excel "track changes".


May be you can freeze the schedule and everything you change from this point on is tracked and marked in the schedule. This would be very nice. Or at least give us the opportunity to do i manually. Give us options to color one or more cell in a row or column.


And it would be great if the doors and windows are handelt like rooms. If you delete one its not gone. its just not placed in the projekt. So in the schedule you can still see it but you can mark it as deleted.


This is one of our door schedule.



Adding revision to schedule will be very useful.
Example? Door schedule, material schedule.
Yes we could add a parameter, but is not the same as revision tag /revision cloud schedule.



At the moment we use the synchronizer addon for excel to compare the new list with the old list and than do the revision work in excle.


My idea for this.


I agree, I hate clouding schedules because either you cloud the entire thing and it doesn't give you any information or you cloud the changes and make adjacent rows unreadable. I've done the manual parameter, and it does give the readability that I want to see.

Not applicable

It would be great to be able to highlight individual cells in a schedule. When revising schedules, revision clouds often obscure surrounding information. Being able to highlight individual cells to show what was revised would be ideal.

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