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Make view titles work like tags

Make view titles work like tags

If view titles worked more like a tag which you could manually place, multi-select, and copy/paste between sheets, the functionality would be significantly improved over the current clunky "define in properties" workflow.


Why would you copy and paste view titles between sheets? They are associated with one and only one view.


I'm not even totally sure what you are referring to as clunky. Is it that the title pulls its information from the view?


@mhiserZFHXS copy + paste aligned to multiple sheets would be a simple and efficient way to ensure all view titles are aligned between similar sheets.  There is no existing out-of-the-box method for accomplishing this that I'm aware of.  The clunky part is that view titles don't really work like anything else in Revit.  It's a unique workflow, but it wouldn't have to be.  


I understand wanting sheets to be uniform, but again, view titles are associated with a view. You can't just copy and paste them. This actually is exactly how tags work. Tags and titles need a host, and if you just copy and paste them from one sheet or one view to another, they don't know what to host to.


I agree it'd be nice to have some way to more efficiently and consistently lay out sheets, but I don't think this is the solution. One potential solution is to have a guide template in place that you use to adjust titles and views. Its obviously not an automated process, but its something you can do right now without additional features.


I agree with @mhiserZFHXS that the only thing required is to be able to align view titles in a more efficient way. Copy and pasting is not a good way of doing this.


It would be nice of the end grips could snap to detail lines either on the sheet or in the titleblock family and also be able to align the horizontal using the align tool to a detail line.

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