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make use of available menu window space

make use of available menu window space

When users enter the line styles menu (others as well) in revit many of the style names and colours are illegible because Revit does not make use of the available free space. What is worse is that it also does not remember alterations made by the user the last time the menu was opened. Not even in the same session.

The idea would be to change that behaviour.

Original version

20231011 075648-Linienstile.png


User version

20231011 075736-Linienstile.png

Screeshots come from the German localized version of Revit 2023.1 but the idea is relevant for all languages.


If you open the Line Styles dialog it opens collapsed, the user then has to click the plus every time...


Screenshot 2023-01-30 225843.jpg


It should open expanded automatically, it doesn't make any sense to have it collapsed and wastes time.


Screenshot 2023-01-30 230005.jpg




Ive mentioned that before with line styles also.. still havn't fixed it. 


Show an example of the line in the drop down list too. The number of times I open someone else's model and have to consult the line styles dialogue just to see what "Pink R9r3" line is endless.


Why is the Additional Settings > Line Styles tree ALWAYS CLOSED???!!! There's only one option for this setting, there's only one reason why anyone ever goes to this setting, and that is to modify Line Styles. Every time this setting is accessed, one more click has to be made to open the tree. Please, please, just make the tree ALWAYS OPEN. 


Furthermore, why is there even a tree for Line Style? It's not possible to add another category, so there will never be multiple trees. There's no apparent reason for a single tree to always be closed, other than this is yet another User Interface feature that Autodesk has continued to overlook. 

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