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Make the keynote list searchable

Make the keynote list searchable

When specifying a keynote for an object, it can be difficult to find the keynote you want to use in a long list.


It would be great if there was a search box where the user could quickly filter the list to the items they want.


This is implemented in other areas of Revit, providing the same functionality for the keynote list would be very useful.


We need a Search Box when assigning keynotes, This is helpful as users progress and learn the various systems, Some are CSI some are not. This would also prevent leaving Revit to search the reference file.


I have included a mock up of where the search bar could go when selecting keynotes.

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If it is allowed to search a keynote in "Keynote" window, work efficiency can be higher. It is very difficult to find a keynote though scrolling always. Please provide a search function in Keynote window.

Thank you.

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When using "Element Keynote", "Material Keynote", or "User Keynote" or any of the other methods to add a keynote in Revit please make the Keynote Dialog box have a "Search" window in it.


By doing this it will make it easier to implement keynoting since users can easily find what they want to use for annotation purposes.


Thanks, Jarod

Keynote Search.jpg

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heartily agree


This is a must.


Totally agree. must needed.


We have a large library file for User Keynote.  When referencing a new keynote / replacing a keynote on a drawing it would be really useful to have a search bar in the User Keynote UI.  

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I wish there was an option when you are keynoting an element to just have search bar to find the keynote for that element. I don't enjoy having to sometimes guess where things might be in the keynote file or having to have the keynote file open so that I can search in it. Keynotes just seem to be a forgotten feature in Revit where there have been no improvements to it.
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I believe this is the same idea, if so please vote for it.

And you are right, keynotes seem to be a forgotten idea.
You could try using Keynote Manager by Revolution Design; its really good at handling keynote management and has the search function that you are looking for.

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