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Make Revit Universal

Make Revit Universal

Please stop advertising Revit as an architectural software. Or as an engineering software. Make Revit universal. Like Autocad was. Let the user decide what to do with it. Versatility and connectivity should be the most important goals. Let people create loadable families from existing (loadable or model-in-place) objects. Embed logos into rvt file.

Create Revit add-in equivalents for all Autocad-based products like MAP 3D, Civil 3D, MEP, etc.


Hi, you are asking for Auto CAD.

Some people (a lot of them think that AutoCAD is an Architectural program, but no, AutoCAD is exactly what you are looking for, A universal design program.

Don´t like Revit?, fine. You can use Autocad instead.


@brtrademex: It's quite the opposite. I am an Autocad power user for almost 20 years now. And i know what Autocad can and cannot do. And i totally hate it. Revit techonology is 100 times better than Autocad.

Revit pros: No need to regen manually, no need to limit number of viewports on a layout (otherwise Autocad should freeze), no need to manually create dimension styles (for annotative dimensions in Autocad are a joke). In general, annotative objects in Autocad are a joke: when you change the viewport scale, the annotative objects shall overlap the drawing in 90% of the cases. Parametric objects in Autocad are useless, as they function only inside dynamic blocks. Lineweights in Revit can automatically adjust according to drawing scale, in Autocad does not.

And finally: you can put a thousand drawing sheets in a single rvt file (an entire project). Have you ever put a thousand layouts/sheets in a single dwg file? Can you even open such large dwg?

In Revit you can duplicate views and sheets and quickly modify its' aspect and color, you can also do Design Options, you can do Worksets, and share models in real time. You can do teamwork in real time. Just face it: Autocad is a dinosaur.

Revit is a pure technology, but it needs specific plugins, just like Autocad has.


@ipselute I would suggest that you split your idea... and then noticed that Modular Revit is yours, too! There's already a Convert In-Place Families idea, but I'm not sure what you mean by "embed logos" - isn't that what Revit's always done? Only recently have you been able to link them in instead...

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