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Make (Re)Loading link .ifcZIP and .Ifc Easier (in Revit and in Dynamo) PLEASE

Make (Re)Loading link .ifcZIP and .Ifc Easier (in Revit and in Dynamo) PLEASE



Right now I have a project that is built up from multiple ifc's and ifcZIP's .

The files are made by an unknown (??) Software (32 Files).

All of them are all Attached in Different .Rvt's (7 Files).

When Reloading the rvt Links I have to upgrade (2016>2018) all of the attached files, and relocate them from their native Paths to our own Paths.


Because I see no standard Revit solution for doing this simple thing I considered creating a little Dynamo for it.
So I did. I gathered all my information in Dynamo, and made it to fit into Orchid Function Document.Add.Link, wich just reads the RevitLinkType, and loads it into current Project.

It basically "Loads Links". it works FINE with Revit links 🙂 


The ashtonishing fact though that .ifc as well as .ifcZIP are not supported in the "RevitLinkType" API Entity made me very disappointed..


I have also noticed that dwg instances have their own "Type". Does this count for IFC's as well? (Am i looking in the wrong direction??).


Am I doing something wrong here, or is this just a Real problem/Idea?



Maybe as a second Idea:

Just maybe, a Good Idea, Add a simple function in the Manage Links tab.

In the Manage Links tab, add a button that says "Reload from... : <Folder>"  instead of  "Reload from... : <single file>" .

Or Just Two "Reload From" function buttons. either one for a single file, and another one to relocate the main folder.


That would just make my day. 


if you could just update this in Revit 2018 for me it would be awesome.

Thanks in Advance.


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