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make printing easier

make printing easier

printing is really annoying in revit LT

there is no option to go back after the "preview " and fix or change if it doesn't look good/ 


Hi @HEREVITCAD, The "Print..." button (on the print preview window) sent you back to the "Print" window. It's practically a "back" button with a confusing name.


The "Close" button is also confusing, it closes all the print dialogs not only the print preview windows. Maybe should be called "Cancel print".


A more perturbing thing (by far) is the "Next Page" and "Prev Page" buttons on the print preview... You can click "Prev Page" and after that "Next Page" to go to page 0 and then page 1 that are the same view... it's bizzarre to have those button althrough the print preview is disable when "select view/sheet" is marked (only way to print multiple pages).


Revit should get rid of those buttons, or let you generate print preview for multipage printing.




I am voting for this idea, not so much for the original idea, but for the two comments that @samuelsanf made to this idea.  If I had the ability to vote for comments I could have just voted for the two comments in this idea.

Here's an idea, that addresses that very issue:


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