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Make part of Family Un-Selectable

Make part of Family Un-Selectable

when placing clearance zones or reference lines I don't want to be able to select them when I load in the family into a project when I am nowhere near the actual family.

Working on my standard door families. Have added ADA clearance parameters (symbolic lines, plan view only) tied to yes/no for visibility.
The problem; which is more of an annoyance that I would like to eliminate; is that doors become highlighted (pre-selected) whenever the cursor is nowhere near the actual door. Seems that Revit is picking up the symbolic lines even though they may be turned off. This makes selecting other elements harder and forces more use of the tab key.


I find this also happens with reference planes in the family as well. Sometimes it helps to make the reference planes smaller (you can still snap to their extents) than the geometry where possible. But still kinda ridiculous that anything other than visible geometry can be selected in a view.


This would be nice... Basically just another checkbox like the "Visible" parameter for each element. Would certainly make working in projects easier.

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