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Make it easier to turn of models, annotation, etc.. in links

Make it easier to turn of models, annotation, etc.. in links

When linking multiple models in Revit from other users. The links will contain, for example, overlapping levels or grid lines. You now have to go into display settings, select Custom, go to the annotation tab, select Custom again, and then turn off all annotations. If you have one link,  thats fine. But if you have multiple links in multiple view templates, it gets annoying. 


Is it possible to put a check mark in visibility and graphics to turn off all models, annotation, etc... in all links?


This is essential.  A global setting that can be added to the view properties so you can toggle it per view or by a view template. Unless you're copy monitoring or linking in specific views, annotations are never used from links. This is a no brainer and should be added ASAP. The amount of time consultants waste cleaning up views that have a duplicate grids or levels in their views is astonishing.

This would be an excellent addition for turning off annotations from linked model via a check box. You could essentially turn off for multiple links at once. 

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