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Make dimensions and revision clouds spanning sheets of same level possible

Make dimensions and revision clouds spanning sheets of same level possible

Revisionclouds and dimension measurements disappear when their ends span outside annotation crop in drawings.


When revisions are made to long objects like walls and the building is to big to fit A1 sheets in the standard 1:50 scale it is not possible to see the clouds or dimensions with the ends outside the annotation crop.


wall revision in viewwall revision in view

revision not shown in partial sheetrevision not shown in partial sheet


While possible to make large revisions and measurements on larger scale plots, it is not always preferable. Mostly because you have decided and set up the publishing scale early in the project and making exceptions to them will mess up the project coordination.


While there might exist good reasons to hide them, the possibility to choose to have them visible can be vital too.
So on behalf of some of our clients as well as our own support for this suggestion we would like you to reconsider, or please explain why it is not possible to do so.

Not applicable

This is a big problem for us, because the revision cloud dissapear without notice.

In AutoCAD there is no problem.


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