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Make collaboration copy/monitor - Batch Copy Richer

Make collaboration copy/monitor - Batch Copy Richer

Dear Readers of this forum, 


Today it came to  my mind to post this old idea what had been sitting in my mind for almost a couple of months.

The reason I only post it right now is just simply because i do not use this function that often.


Ofcourse, I am Talking about collaboration monitor.


Most of the times when I am setting up a new project I just use the Copy/monitor function to add relations between the levels and grids of a certain link.

When I was trying out something new a few months Ago I learned that also Batch copys could be used to copy/monitor these elements.


When it comes to create and communicate recesses for per example MEP models, the following idea came to my mind,

A lot of companies, designers and engineres try to write their own tools to create and communicate Recceses.

Often these tools generate generic models. driven by shared parameters trough the API.

Most of the times in yet another rvt project this information would be built. it simply adds another linked file to the project, another link means more maintenance. more time consuming to open and reach, edit or manage.


This also counts for the elements inside this Project.

These tools do generate additional maintenance on digital interfaces, or require knowledge to use and maintain the system.

My opinion about this, is that this is not the easiest way to get to this goal.



To get to this goal, Why dont we: (for the UX developers of these tools)


- create geometric elements that, can be loadable trough the certain main model.

Just create it into an objectcategory that could be included through the Copy/monitor's Batch-Copy list.

Per example. Why do we not make it as electrical fixture? 

The Architect could easily copy/monitor this stuff. after that he could also make these elements laodable to cut inside his floors/walls/etc..



Isnt that what we are trying to fix, with really irrelevant tools (to my opnion).



OR (UX Developers at Autodesk)

Why do we not add extra objectcategorys to the Copy/monitor Tab.

Such as: Generic Models (most of the recess-geometry familys out there)





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