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Make Baseline Dimensions Respect Dimension Line Snap Distance

Make Baseline Dimensions Respect Dimension Line Snap Distance

In linear dimension styles type settings, there is a parameter called Dimension Line Snap Distance.

This controls how far away each parallel linear dimension will snap from an adjacent dimension string.

It is a great way to allow users to set this behavior so that the dimensions don't crowd the text in between.


The problem is that baseline dimensions use this setting in exactly the same way as continuous and ordinate dimensions. They will use it to snap to OTHER dimension strings at the specified spacing, but the spacing within the same baseline dimension is unaffected by this parameter.


See attached screen capture. I made both types of Dimension Line Snap Distance spaced at 9/32", but the baseline dimension (blue) still has some hidden, unchangeable spacing from the out of the box settings. The continuous dimensions (red) are spaced how I want them.


Please make the baseline dimensions spacing internally respect the Dimension Line Snap Distance setting.

Obviously, we can create the same sort of dimension string. I did it below with the red continuous dimensions. If we have to do that all the time, you might as well just get rid of the baseline type of dimensions.




I take it back about the hidden, unchangeable dimension.

I found it in the instance parameter "Baseline Offset."

I can't think of a reason why I would want an instance parameter for this dimension. Please make them both use the standard type parameter.


Thank you for the clarification, @BHamlet !

Explorer default dimension line snap distance is set to 3/16" for linear type measurements; however, every time I use the baseline dimension command the default snap distance is 1/4".  I've tried to set the default baseline snap distance in the type properties to 3/16", but it always reverts to 1/4" and needs to be changed every time.

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