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Log edits with username and timestamp in element properties

Log edits with username and timestamp in element properties

Make it a project option to write the username of the person who last edited an element, along with a timestamp to a parameter on the element. The parameter can be called "Last Edited by".  I work on a big project with very many people involved, and some rotation with people leaving and starting in the project. We have created a parameter for this purpose ourselves, but since it has to be filled in manually, it is never 100% reliable. Perhaps Revit can just fill it in automatically? Or to be more accurate, just don't remove it when an element is relinquished, because it is already displayed in the element properties if it is currently being edited by someone. 


More data to get buried in BIM.


Or more data to get gathered in BIM, depending on how you look at it. I've experienced the following scenarios many times:

In a cross discipline coordination meeting, a question is raised about a component. "Is this right? Does anybody know the history here? Who do we talk to?". "It's apparently modeled by XXXX, I'll ask her" or "It's modeled by YYYY, he left the project last year. I'll ask his successor." or "It's signed by XXXX a year ago, that means it doesn't take this new design change by structural engineering into consideration. I'll open an issue and assign it to him". 


I don't think you can currently see the timestamp but you can see the last user to edit an element by turning on any of the worksharing display modes  and hovering over the element you're interested in. It will show you the current owner if anyone owns the element, the creator, the last editor, and anyone who has an outstanding editing request for the element.

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