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Locking column widths in schedules

Locking column widths in schedules

Currently, you can set column widths in schedules by way of the resize option on the toolbar in the schedule editor, but you can't lock the width.

In Revit 2023, if you use the "filter by sheet option", the column widths keep resizing themselves on their own accord. Have a look at the short video and can see the window schedules columns resizing themselves when a wall was added to the project, which has absolutely nothing to do with any window.   You later end up going to a sheet view of your schedule only to find your schedule has expanded across the page to where it shouldn't be!

So the idea here is that we can actually set and then lock in the widths so this can no longer happen.
Personally, I think we should be able to do this from the sheet view of the schedule with little locks that can be clicked on and off.


Autodesk Support

Post this idea on behalf of a customer. Currently, if move the mouse near the line between two columns in schedule, and click by mistake, the column width will have a small change. It would be better that provide an option to protect the schedule format, like lock the column width. Thanks.


If a View Template is used, which include Formatting, the columns can no longer accidentally be resized.

But to include Formatting the parameter Fields also must be included.


Autodesk should add a button for column size (placed under Formatting or Fields):

Columns Size - Fields.jpgColumns Size - Formatting.jpg


Here you should have to option to lock the entered width of the chosen column.


definitely required


Hi @Mark_Engwirda,

hi @wr.marshall,


we are developing a more advanced schedule app for Revit with a lot of features like dynamic sorting, filtering, grouping, graphical overrides, layout management and snapshots.


If you are interested just send me a DM and I'll come back to you.


Best regards,



That self-resizing is scary! Has to be considered a bug that was missed when the feature was QAed before release.

Yeah, Im still waiting for support to reply back with a resolution!

Did somebody in autodesk seen an excel sheet? After so many years of development, the schedule editing options are somewhere in 1990

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