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Lock Views and Sheets

Lock Views and Sheets

It would be useful to have the ability to lock views and sheets to prevent any accidental edits. I see this as a simple context menu item. Simply select view/sheet, right click and choose "lock" from the context menu. A padlock icon then appears next to the locked item.


Anyone who attempts to edit a locked view won't be able to do so. They will see the lock and that will, hopefully, cause them to think why it's been locked in the first place. And sometimes this feature will protect users from themselves.


By the way, this sort of functionality is common in many design applications so it's not like I'm inventing something new here 😉


I ended up here because someone had accidentally deleted a sheet and I had the misfortune of redoing it again. Good thing redoing it was just dragging a few views and copy-pasting some text, but still, it would be a good thing if it can be avoided.


How is this not a feature yet? Autodesk is too busy taking away our minimize button to implement things that are actually useful.

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Additional to locking views and sheets, it would be extremely useful to have the ability to also lock view templates. A lot of users, even though instructed not to change the project view templates end up changing them and causing a lot of delays and problems for other users working in the same work-sharing model. These features are long overdue. 

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