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Location of brace symbols

Location of brace symbols

Do not bond location of brace symbols with bracing level. Mostly because it is not clear how the bracing will behave in case of added slope.


Add parameter responsible for location of brace symbols: above/right or below/left original line

Then the user will be able to decide. 



Autodesk Support

Adding comment to be considered from the communication of a related customer support case:

Please, also consider to allow users to control the position of the brace symbolic representation on a per element basis.


Also Brace Symbols should be available to access in views other than Coarse. It would be nice to show Brace Symbols on Foundation and Wall Plans, which are in Medium or Fine view. The Brace Symbol will only display on Coarse Views right now which makes it practically unusable for plans other than Framing Plans.

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