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Location Line of Roofs/Floors/Ceilings

Location Line of Roofs/Floors/Ceilings

There should be possible to choose location line/surface for horizontal constructions.


For roofs and ceilings it is the bottom surface, and floors will always be extruded down (location line is the top surface). Sometimes I want it to be the other way around. And of course, location surface to core boundaries would also be great.


Absolutely yes! We should be able to change the slab location line into Top of structural layer or to bottom 


I need this really badly.


I need an option to set ceilings and roof soffits to have a location line (location plane?) set to "bottom of core".  When I use a ceiling height tag (or a soffit height tag), the tag should reference the plane of the location line.


I'm trying to coordinate a wall section, but my roof soffit assembly is 1" off its actual location.  I have a storefront assembly adjacent, and I'd like to adjust the modeled storefront in the wall section to match the header detail (pulling the storefront down 1"), which impacts the storefront schedule.  However, the mis-located soffit object makes this kind of precision impossible.


Please add this feature.

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