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LINKED FILES DATE to appear in Manage Links Chart

LINKED FILES DATE to appear in Manage Links Chart

I think it´d be really useful if we could have a column in the Manage Links chart where is appears the date the linked file was last updated.
By doing so we would not have to wornder whether the linked models from consultants are updated or not.


I agree. We have a similar issue with linked in architectural and structural links. We cannot verify the one in the model is the latest one sent through. Maybe add a flag to warn us that the current link is over 7 days old and for us to check for updated versions.


Yes, I have been asking for a "Last Update" column for Links since 2011 (with some positive feedback from Autodesk, long since forgotten by them, clearly) - does anyone use the "Local Alias" column?  Or could that be replaced with "Last Update" ?


Agree and make it visible in Schedules, so you can add a schedule on your sheet with the used linked files, update dates, names etc.

It would even be great if the schedule is update by the view Template, Revit link off then it doesnt appear in the schedule.


But lets start with the updated dates in a schedule.




In the manage links pop-up, is it possible to add a column to show the date the links were last updated/reloaded?


Yes! Would save me a lot of time trying to figure out if the latest version of a linked file is loaded, DWG and Revit links!

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