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Link Levels

Link Levels

When scheduling items, such as Doors, and you include linked elements, Revit will not allow the schedule to be filtered by level any longer.  I believe this is because Revit does not know what level in a linked model corresponds to the level in the model that has the schedule.  One simple solution is to 'link' the levels to other models based on their height, since they may have different names.  Otherwise, a way to set up a linking scheme through a dialog, similar to how Phase Mapping is set for a linked model.


Perhaps additional modification of the copy monitoring system could augment this.  What if we could specify monitoring between multiple linked models?  This would create mapping between "identical level" Element IDs amongst the links.  Then the database could relate the hosts on each level in the linked models appropriately.

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In a schedule, it's impossible to filter rooms from a linked file by level.

Please make it possible.

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