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Line type Parameter

Line type Parameter

When creating a family it would be nice to be able to add a parameter to symbolic or model lines. This way they could be changed in the project rather than having to edit the family and create new line types with lines stacked on top of each other with visibility controls. 




You can do this already...


Add other styles in the Object Styles...then assign accordingly. Modify the linestyles in the project.


I would like to change the lines of a single family for its different types. Right now in order to do this you have to draw multiple lines on top of each other and then assign visibility toggles to them. 


Look into the Family Type parameter.. You can nest multiple families in one family and use the parameter to switch the different types instead of relying on the visibility parameter.


The trick is it has to be a family within the family.


@mpwuzhere Unfortunatly you can't add a label/parameter to a model/detail line.

So you're stuck placing them on top of each other and using the visibility parameter.


We're facing the same problem in our families, the overlapping lines are causing warnings, but we need them.


When adding a new project or shared parameter to a project, I want the ability to add parameters to model lines. This would allow me to use view filters to selectively show and hide model lines in some view templates based on the said parameter(s). With the addition of Path of Travel Lines in one of the recent Revit versions, the "Lines" category is now in the Parameter Properties menu, but "Lines" as a whole is not selectable (it doesn't have a checkbox), only the sub-category "Path of Travel Lines" is selectable to add parameters. Putting a checkbox on the main category "Lines," or having a sub-category for "Model Lines" (since I don't see a need to include detail lines), would allow what I am requesting.



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