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Limitation of cutting and joining geometry

Limitation of cutting and joining geometry

Did you ever receive the error message "Can't cut joined element" when you try to cut or join geometry as shown in the screencast? The reason is a limitation of lengths in Revit.

There is no workaround and solution yet. I got the following answer from Autodesk support:

"Revit's geometry modeler cannot deal with distances that small as features of a model. The project's units are mm, so .01mm = 0.0004 . ″. Revit considers the floors completely overlapping with that offset.
For the customer, they will have to redesign the elements - for example the two overlapping floors could either be one floor or taper to more than 1mm."


I wish to be able to join and cut forms and void however I like. There is a huge need for that, especially in infrastructure modelling.



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@bjoern_teutriene  Thank you for providing a screencast video. That will be helpful for our product teams to understand your Idea!

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