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Light Switch ID

Light Switch ID

The Revit lighting switching system needs two major upgrades

1. The ability to add more than one switch to a switching system. Many modern systems utilize 3 and 4 way switching.

2. The ability to have switches capable of being associated with multiple switching systems. Many modern lighting control devices utilize a single box/switch to control up to 4 lighting zones. 


Status changed to: Gathering Support

Hi @tschnepf - thanks for the post.


For your second point, can you elaborate a bit... "a single switch controlling multiple zones", are you just referring to a switch that controls a multi-pole relay/lighting contractor?  Or are you referring to something different?

There are many lighting control devices that control multiple lighting zones. These are single devices located within single gang boxes. If I have a single device that controls 4 lighting switching zones I don't want to have to place 4 switch symbols. This can give the contractor the idea that there are 4 separate switches or large switchbank going on when in reality it is a single device that has buttons to control 4 separate lighting zones. I've provided a link as an example of a lighting control device that we use quite often. As these are a single devices they should be modeled as a single device symbol. Hope that helps clarify what I am looking for.


Thanks, @tschnepf - It looks like the device you linked to just connects w/ a cat-5 cable, so I assume there are other components that make up the system.  on your deliverables, do you include any other information besides just the device and an indication of what zone each of the fixtures are in.. e.g., do show any other control modules, relays, or other components that would be required for the system?  

Make it posible to have more than om Swich ID inside Lighting device.


Sorry if I've posted this before but Autodesk isn't doing enough

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