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Level Elevation as a schedule parameter

Level Elevation as a schedule parameter

Utilizing the Level Elevation (numeric) as a parameter in a schedule.


It is possible to control the Elevation parameter of a Level by entering a new elevation (numeric) in a Schedule cell. You might want to unconstrain or unpin the Levels first. This does not work on elements in links (if the schedule includes elements from links). 


Currently we can create Material based parameters. This idea is to support Level based parameters as well.


It would empower users of Revit to create their own parameters for scheduling and reporting purposes to workaround the many gaps where Revit doesn't expose reporting level data natively yet. It would be better than a text parameter, in that there will be a drop-down to select from and the name shown in the parameter will track with changes to the level name, and the value could be utilized more dynamically when doing API work.

It would also support all the level based filter conditions that the selection filter rules and schedule filters support.


It should be supported for global parameters too.

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A bit confused to what you are actually after. If you are referring to parameters for a level such as a custom reference to a physical layer/level in your project this can be accomplished with a text parameter

eg is the level FFL(Finished Floor level), TOC(Top Of Concrete), TOW(Top of Window)... or what ever other abbreviations you wish to use.


The list shown as per your screenshot only determines the type of parameter that it is. If what you are after is text what is wrong with using a text parameter?



By having the Level as a value type, it connects the parameter value to the element id of the level, allowing actual data linking. Without inside knowledge of a project, it is dangerous to assume that a text parameter means anything in particular. It also doesn't avoid the issue of misspelling and inconsistent ways of referring to the level within the parameter.

And as I mentioned, text would not let you filter a schedule with "is above", "is at or above", "is below", "is at or below" conditions. For example, I can't use a text parameter to get elements that are associated with a level between "Level 2" and "Level 5".


It would be beneficial to associate the parameter Views, allowing the "Associated Level" to be set for 3D view, Renderings, Schedules and other views that don't typically list a level. It could then appear in a View list and be used to influence Sheet data based on the placed viewports.

I see the value also creating value types for Room and Space for the same reason, to associate items that don't normally have an association.

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