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Level - change type by view

Level - change type by view

Hey, it will be good to add type change per view, if i need to cycle types between documents:


same as section:




Can you clarify what you are requesting. Are you saying you want to be able to cycle the level marker with the circular arrow symbol the same as section markers?


The section uses the circular arrows because there are 3 options (Head, End, None). 

The Level has a check box because there are only 2 options (Level Marker, None).


It is sometimes necessary to use varying forms of information or symbols depending on the situation, such as when preparing permit documentation where the full level name must be used rather than abbreviations found in working plans.

The availability of a cycle button would allow to switch out the tires of both the symbol and data whenever necessary. This option would be incredibly useful and won't depend on changing the main family or data.


That makes more sense. You just want the 'Symbol' parameter for level lines to be instance based instead of type based. Or have a way to temporarily switch to something other than the default.



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