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let us only show in planview (on sheet) the sections placed on same sheet

let us only show in planview (on sheet) the sections placed on same sheet

We would like to be able to show in planview (already placed on sheet) only the sections placed on the same sheet.


When detailing Structure drawings or Reinforcement drawings referring to sections shown on other sheets is often confusing... until now we have to manually hide them on every single sheet... 😞


Helas a filter (even based on a custom shared parameter) applied on a planview won't be able to "test" its sheet number value with the one of a section view and hide all sections that doesn't match !.... even while this info is actually available... 😞 (no, we do not create one filter per drawing nr ! O_o' )


Only Dynamo can AFAIK...

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And the same thing for elevation marks and callout marks.


It would be great that section marks, elevation marks and callout marks had a "by sheet" parameter (as in keynotes) for showing them only if the referenced section view (or elevation, or callout) is placed in the same sheet.

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