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Keynote sketches

Keynote sketches

Would it be possible to institute some system whereby often used small details could become something like keynotes, or large thumbnails, so that could display down the side of the sheet in which they appear. It would make understanding the drawings much faster, for checkers and contractors of smaller projects.



Would drafting these as detail lines within a legend work? 


Unless I am mistaken, it is not possible to have legends display per sheet, like keynotes.

Ah, are you looking for only the details that are on each sheet to show on that sheet?


So you would have multiple details, which would then filter themselves on each sheet, is that correct?

Yes that’s the idea.

Like with keynotes, which you keep in a separate file so that all projects ref them. You have these “thumbnail details that show up on the sheet when you call them out..
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your idea is not clear for me? I can't get it

Ah, I see now John, yes that would be good.


How many details do you have in total?



Hey Hazem,


I was trying to succinct, but let me flesh it out somewhat, although I am sure the wiz kids at Autodesk could improve on it. 

With my keynotes, they are just sitting there; all I have to do is click on them and there they are on the sheet, right next to the drawing in which they occur.  Details are a little more circumspect.  I am suggesting that there be a way to store small common details, maybe as keynotes, so that I can see that I have, say a roof edge, or a junction, and I click on keynotes, or the equivalent, and call it out.  Then I can just place the Keynote ( or detail) legend on my sheet and there is a display of equal sized boxes, (down one side) that is not just easier for me but simpler for the trades and the plan checker (I used to own a construction company as well).


To answer you Peter, I have a lot, but there a few that keep coming up.

Having been in construction, I know how easy it is to misinterpret drawings, so I try to draw everything that is not exactly industry standard.

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many thanks for your replay

do you mean you want to click on keynote to go to a linked detail?
or you want details to be scheduled with the keynote?

you remember me of an idea we hope to developed, it is to show the detail name on the callout view

It could be linked to keynotes and displayed with them but it would seem to be a better idea to have another schedule, maybe keynote details…?

@johnharwood5  - you could include an IMAGE parameter and schedule those... In 23 and 24 only those elements visible in view show up.

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