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Keyboard shortcut - Type Selector

Keyboard shortcut - Type Selector

Keyboard shortcut to open or drop down the "Type Selector" box. This way you could select an item (say a pipe fitting) in a project, & type a shortcut to open the type selector instead of having to move the mouse all the way over to wherever the type selector box is located. This would improve speed while modeling.


Found your post as well as this in my search this morning- at least it's a keyboard shortcut for it even though it's not ideal to have to use the Alt+ # on the Quick Access Toolbar:

"To make the Type Selector available when the Properties palette is closed, right-click the Type Selector, and click Add to Quick Access Toolbar."



I've been wanting this as long as I've been using Revit. At least the option to assign a custom shortcut, but it should just have one by default -- something simple like TT (if it's not used by anything else, but nothing that I know of). 😃

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