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Key Schedules for Sheets

Key Schedules for Sheets

We all know that projects are complicated and have many packages that go out at different times. With the way Revit works right now, you can only schedule the latest revision of a sheet. Key schedules could help with indicating whether certain sheets are part of specific packages, or if they are "for information" or issued. I can only set up a calculation formula right now that allows me to put a dot in a column, but a key schedule would be nice so that I could use multiple symbols within one column. 


Here is an example of what I would like to do. I would like to be able to use integers to be replaced by text with a conditional format. However, Sheet lists behave differently than any other schedule. I can't even do key schedules in a sheet list, which is ridiculous. I want to be able to have my consultants indicate an integer for their sheets based on packages that are issued or for review, for example, and then have my Architectural model read their links and that parameter. I would then populate a nice schedule with the symbols that read off of the integers. This works for a wall schedule, for example (see screen shot). wall schedule.pngwall schedule 2.png


Key schedules for sheet lists - yes.


Basic schedule functionality for the most common schedule of all.


Oh, I just hate it when I find a limitation in Revit and then find a forum post from 6 years ago.


I can't believe this didn't get picked up when they added Shared Parameters to the Key Schedules! Please Autodesk, add this ASAP

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