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Join geometry for Revit Linked models

Join geometry for Revit Linked models

When working with the Architectural and Structural model is requiered to get the columns, beams, floors and walls to be joined in order to get the correct representation at the floor plans, section, etc.

There are some solutions like this (Joining walls between host model and linked model) that are not efficient because it needs a lot of manual work and this leads to errors or inconsistencies when there are changes.


Autodesk....paging Autodesk.....anyone out there? Can we get a void cut on a linked model please? 


Dear Revit Team,


Currently, I see that there is a limitation when it comes to joining elements from linked files with elements present in the local file. Specifically, I would like to suggest the implementation of a functionality that allows the direct union of elements, such as walls, floors, beams, pillars, among others, present in files linked with local elements, without the need for complex procedures.


The absence of this ability to unite elements of different origins impairs the accuracy of quantities and the correct representation of the elements, directly impacting the quality of the project. We understand that effectiveness and practicality in handling these elements are fundamental for cohesive and efficient BIM modeling.


While there are temporary solutions such as using invisible line styles, I recognize that these approaches are inefficient in large-scale projects and do not fully meet the demands of projects that require the seamless integration of different sources.


I appreciate your consideration of this suggestion and believe that implementing this functionality will not only improve the quality of projects, but also provide a more intuitive and efficient experience for Autodesk Revit users.


Yours sincerely,Erik Hianke

Community Visitor

This also lead to have a lot of clashes showing up, for example between structural columns and architectural walls , ceilings, floors, because ther eis not a way to cut around the columns or simple joint the elements so that the clash detections software do not detect it as a clash. 


Any option for this ? 

Community Visitor

Its 2024, do we have a solution yet?


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