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Is this family mirrored or not?

Is this family mirrored or not?

When making a model it is very easy and fast to mirror a family (for example a window). However when doing the documenting of those windows there is no way of documenting that a windows is actually mirrored. This means that you have to create another window that is exactly the same only mirrored, which could be a bit time consuming if there are a lot of difficult windows (or any other family for that matter) in your project.


Not sure if this happens a lot in other countries as well, but in Holland for example we build a lot of rows of homes or apartments that are mirrored over a grid line over and over again. This means that everything in that home or apartment is flipped from one home to the other and for fabrication purposes is a different object and will need to be fabricated differently.


It would be great if some how there was a way for Revit to know if a family is flipped or mirrored from the way it was originally modeled and be available as a parameter in the family and schedule. Just a report parameter called Flipped with a Yes/No option would do the trick already.


It would be even better if there was a way of creating a legend view where you can choose the 'regular' of mirrored family when placing it

  • Generic Model: Family1
  • Generic Model: Family1 (mirrored)

In the end I would like a schedule that tells me I have 5 windows of type A.01 and another 5 windows of type A.01 that are flipped.



So in short, a way for Revit to know if a family is mirrored and be able to use and document that trough the entire project and each function of Revit.




When creating a door schedule for manufacturing we need to specify the amount of left swing and right swing single leaf doors. Most Revit families have Flip Controls but they can't be scheduled i.e. parameters can't be assigned to them by default. We also need to have the option to schedule if a door in a metal frame curtain wall system is inward or outward opening (Room calculation point parameter is not sufficient). I know there are some add-ins out there that can do similar things but are in most cases not fully developed for our needs. I designed an add-in few years ago when I worked for an Autodesk reseller where we had a programmer that did all the coding and was called Reforma. The add-in could read the default family state (right/left) as a hidden Type parameter and then an instance parameter could read and schedule if that family had been flipped or not. The add-in worked for doors, windows, furniture's and casework families and it worked like a charm.

If we had this option by default in Revit it would dramatically speed up the creation process of manufacturing drawings. Reforma was unfortunately discontinued whereas the reseller quit so now we need to create two separate families of the same door/window/furniture/casework family to be able to schedule them correctly i.e. a mirrored families (left/right). Please give us the opportunity to add parameters to Flip Controls, thanks. 

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I think it's about the same problem as you're describing

Should work with linked files as well as groups, the OP housing situation is common all around the world.


Until this becomes an out of the box bug fix, pyrevit offers to "Keep mirrored" from its filters from the selection tools. If you have a parameter present to contain that info, you can quickly insert a 1 for yes, it is mirrored. I found that a mass parameter works best, because it can have different values for group entities.


How has this idea been posted for 5 and a half years and Autodesk hasn't addressed it yet? The information is there, and this is an absolute necessity for schedules. We shouldn't need an add on or Dynamo for this. Instead we get "tapered walls" which aren't used in 99% of projects.


Totally agree, way way overdue.
Apologies to complicate things but thinking forward, how would this work if a project has been mirrored e.g. when builders reuse existing designs but need to mirror the orientation of the design?
Would the objects understand if they have been mirrored or if they have been flipped?



@Mark_Engwirda Object already know if they are mirrored or flipped, you can get to that info with Dynamo, there is just no way to get to that data only with Revit.


In your example everything in the model would know it was mirrored, so that is something to take into account for sure, but as mentioned before, that is already the case now, just no way to get to that data in Revit.


Thanks, @DeurlooBM, does an object provide the same result in dynamo whether it's been mirrored or if it's been flipped?


Yes dynamo gives the same result. Look at dynamo as a tool that reads your Revit project data and shows you the results. A third party plugin/addin does exactly the same.

Btw: this is a Revit ideas section. So if you have questions about mirroring, I'd suggest to start an own topic 😎

Thanks, just asking a question; no need to start a new topic 😉

Bumping again to add frustrations at this legacy issue still not being addressed. 


Is there a free plug in that I can use to add an object parameter that says whether an instance is mirrored or not?

It's a part of PyRevitPlus

PyRevit is great, but sometimes it takes several months before it becomes available for the latest release, which means you can't bank on it for a core function.

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